Maren Anderson, President, formed the firm in 2002. The firm's projects involve reimbursement assessments and reimbursement launch plans. We also help with product launches, including working with private and public payers on coverage, coding, and reimbursement. Typically, we focus on U.S. markets, although we work regularly with European and Japanese consultants on global reimbursement. In the U.S., we have considerable experience with Medicare and Medicaid policy, but we also maintain a consulting panel of private health insurance medical and pharmacy management directors, who provide insight into the managed care marketplace.

Previously, Maren co-founded Health Technology Associates, Inc. (HTA) with Wayne Roe and Michael Strauss, M.D. HTA, which was based in Washington, D.C., grew into a 250-member consulting firm and became part of Covance, Inc. in 1996.

Over the course of Maren's 33-year consulting career, she has worked for a comprehensive list of America's major health care companies. A recent list includes: Boston Scientific, Infinity, LifeCell and KCI, Kimberly Clark, Orthovita (a Stryker company), Pall Corporation, and Shire Regenerative Medicine. Her recent work has focused on innovative cancer therapeutics, drug/device combinations, and point-of-care diagnostics. In addition, she has worked for small start-up ventures across the country, including manufacturers of infusion pumps; breast biopsy equipment; radioactive seeds for prostate cancer, innovative drug delivery devices; innovative cancer therapies, including biotechnology, vaccines and cell therapy; less-invasive surgery equipment; medical supplies, including incontinence products, dressings and surgical supplies; prostheses; surgical implants; imaging technology; diagnostic assays, including molecular tests; and blood products. Her work has concerned hundreds of products for a myriad of diseases, including respiratory diseases such as asthma and pneumonia, HIV/AIDS, cancer, heart and vascular disease, urinary incontinence, gynecological conditions, eye diseases, congenital defects, premature infants, skin ulcers and other skin diseases, orthopedic conditions, orphan diseases, psychiatric conditions and neurological illnesses, including Parkinson's Disease and spinal cord injury.

A particular specialty is providing reimbursement analysis to venture capitalists and private equity firms considering investments. Frequently, these engagements lead to a relationship with the principals and business development team at the portfolio company. For example, she has done research for Warburg Pincus, Hillman Ventures, Versant Ventures, Polaris Ventures, Flagship Ventures, SV Life Sciences, Sanderling Ventures, Spray Venture Partners, and Third Rock Ventures. She serves as an expert on reimbursement to other consulting firms, frequently collaborating with LEK and Scientia Advisors and the Nemetz Group. She also gives speeches on health care financing and product marketing to a wide variety of audiences, including nurses and physicians, national public policy groups, and both state and national manufacturer associations.